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AC DC 24V-60V 3W LED Bulb Cool White E26 E27 Screw Fit Lamp Low Voltage Landscape Lighting 36V 48V

Do you have a 24V to 60V power source fluctuating voltage no problem! Our heavy duty bulb is designed with a constant current driver and regulates current automatically from 24 volt to 36 volts. Suitable for charging voltage and DC power gridsA low voltage power source light bulb designed especially for solar power application, boat lighting, automotive lighting, and RV lighting, this corn tower shaped LED lamp can handle a wide voltage band from 24V – 60V in both AC and DC currents. All of 12Vmonster. com’s low voltage light bulbs are designed to work directly with any low voltage deep cycle battery or power source and an active current limiting circuit which protects the bulb from sudden death in the event of higher voltages seen in some charging systems. For long lifetime with maximum wattage per lumen, choose 12Vmonster as your source for your low voltage lighting needs

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Break Beam Alert

Solar powered wireless infrared break beam system that is simple to install and requires no wiring Break beam sensors are powered by lithium ion batteries that are recharged through the solar panels during the day Infrared sensing terminals can be mounted up to 300 feet apart and will send a signal back to the DCR 2500 receiver up to half mile away anytime someone passes between the sensors Will not be activated by any motion outside of the monitored beam Sensors are not affected by small objects such as falling leaves or birds Ideal for outdoor applications such as storage lots, lumber yards, car dealerships, etc. Multiple sensor pairs can be used to send a signal to one receiver if you wish to set up a perimeter

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18-2X10 Sungrabber Solar Heater for Swimming Pools with Complete System Kit

The SunGrabber solar heating system will quickly heat your swimming pool with free, reliable heat from the sun. A properly sized solar system will provide virtually all of the heat for your pool – free! Sungrabber captures the free renewable energy from the sun to heat your pool, reducing or even eliminating your water heating bill and reducing the amount of electricity you use. The system circulates pool water through solar panels and uses solar energy to warm the water as it returns to the pool. Our panels feature 1-1/2 headers, which allow for excellent circulation through the solar panels, thereby maximizing the solar efficiency. Additional panels can be added to the system to achieve optimal heating capacity. For total solar heating, the solar panel square footage should be at least equal to 50% of the pool’s surface area. Our SunGrabber Solar System can supply 100% of your pool’s heating needs. Comes with easy to follow instructions for a simple do-it-yourself project.

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