Using devices such as the solar lights could become easier when users understand the technologies used in these lights. For instance; the inherent principles involved in functioning of solar lights is that they deploy photovoltaic cells those convert photons to electrons. 
Photovoltaic Cells 
Solar cells used in the calculators as well as satellites are called the photovoltaic cells or PV cells in short. In essence they mean the combination of light and electricity. These cells have the capabilities of converting sunlight directly into electricity. Usually the module is the group of cells those are connected electrically and are packaged into a frame. Such module is known as the solar panel usually. Subsequently, these solar panels can be formed and grouped into larger arrays such as those used in defense projects and air bases. 
Going Green with Solar Lights 
•  One of the greatest advantages of using solar lights is that they are eco friendly and help the greenhouse concept. 
•  While adding solar panels to a home could be an expensive affair, they can render the house green as they depend on completely renewable energy sources and have no harmful effects. 
Constitution of Photovoltaic Cells 
Photovoltaic cells are usually made of special materials that are semiconductors. One of the favored items is silicon. When light strikes the cell, a portion of such light is absorbed inside the semiconductor material. Energy of absorbed light is transferred to such semiconductor. Energy will knock the electrons loose. In result they flow freely. 
Other Functions of PV Cells 
PV cells contain additional electric fields those force the electrons that are freed by light absorption to flow in a particular direction. Such flow generates current. Placement of metal contacts on the top as well as the bottom of the PV cells will enable drawing the current off for any external use. For example, the user can power the calculators with them. Such current together with voltage in the cells will define the extent of power that is produced by the solar cells. 
Silicon has extraordinary special chemical properties. In crystalline form the special chemical properties are more prominent in the silicon. Usually the atoms in silicon are 14 in number and they are arranged in three different shells forming the crystalline structure in the silicon atoms.

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