Solar power energy might turn out to be one of the inventions yet! We are practically using the sun’s rays to produce energy that is clean, affordable, easily available and renewable. It is very Earth friendly and cost lesscompared to the traditional power sources that we used now. So, how does solar power energy work? Why does it need to have the solar panels? How do these panels convert the sunlight into electric energy?  We need to understand these basic things about solar panels especially if we are planning to install our own solar panels in our homes.

The solar panels or more correctly the array of photovoltaic cells can use the renewable energy from the sun& convert it into usable electricity to power our homes & feed back to the grid. We already know that sunlight is made up tiny packets of energy called photons. Solar panels are made of many solar cells that are usually composed of materials such as semiconductor like silicon. These solar cells function as a large conductor and then utilize a large area called p-n junction diode. The p-n junction diode now converts the energy to electricity.They collect the solar radiation from the sun in a DC form, and then it is actively converted it to the usable AC electricity form we need via the Inverter.

The energy produced from the photons that strike the surface of the solar panels allows the electrons to be knocked out from their orbits and then released….. The electric fields in the solar cells pull the free electrons into a directional current, from which the metal contracts to the solar cells that generate electricity. The more solar cells in the solar panels the higher the quality of the solar cells. The process of converting the sunlight into a usable energy is called Photovoltaic Effect, hence where the name solar PV panels come from. The Photovoltaic effect rises from the properties of the p-n junction diode, as such no moving parts in the solar panels is needed.

The solar panels are designed to have a positive and negative layer like what batteries have. These positive and negative sides create an electric field. The silicone that acts as semiconductor is actually neutral. The positive and negative charge sides are usually created with additional materials to the cell such as phosphorus or boron. As the sun photons are absorbed by cell, the energy causes the electrons to become free and these electrons move towards the conductor wires and then exit through the connecting wire; simple but ingenious!

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