We all learnt in school that sun is the major source of energy in this world. As we grew up we also came to know how strongly true the fact is. The energy from the sun is called solar power. Sun by far is Earth’s most easily available energy sources, which suffices the total current energy demands of the world. And as the other sources of energy like coal, petroleum are becoming scarce and expensive, scientists all around the world are on the look out to make maximum use of the solar power.

So many plants are being established that make exclusive use of the solar energy. The largest solar power plants are the concentrating solar thermal plants. But now multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants are also being built in many countries. These plants covering only about five percent of the total world’s desert area, could supply all of the world’s electricity on a regular basis. Just the thought that a desert alone could supply almost all of the world’s total energy demand are a very encouraging thought in these times. Solar power can help solve many of the worlds energy needs.

Solar power is a dynamic energy source. But one thing to consider is that solar power is derived from sun, and sun is not available at all times. So means and ways to store it and conserve it in some form are of vital importance. Just like wind power and hydro power are stored or re-used with the help of wind mills and hydro power plants, same is needed for solar energy. Solar power in layman terms is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Sunlight can be converted directly into electricity using photovoltaic. Also they can be converted indirectly by concentrating solar power. This is done by focusing the sun’s energy to boil water which is then used to provide power to other technologies.

The only problem however with solar power usage is its installation cost. But this too is being taken care of, because with the new inventions in technology, the cost too has been decreasing. Even homes are now able to afford smaller appliances that work on the power of solar energy. There is now more awareness about using solar energy centric appliances and their advantages and benefits. Solar power is a renewable source of energy and available in abundance. It even safeguards the environment and helps bring down the pollution levels. One vital difference between renewable sources of energy and non-renewable sources of energy is that non-renewable resources of energy have to be purchased as they are consumed, but payment for renewable resources of energy is to be made up front for the next twenty years or so.

Creating a better environment and gifting a better life to our future generations is the major motto behind the increasing usage of solar power in the world. Anyways the amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the earth each year is about twice the amount of energy that can be obtained from coal, oil, natural gas, and other ores in the future.

Reynold Powers is an author of spheralsolar(www.spheralsolar.com), One of the best Solar Panels & Home Power Kits company. He has been writing on solar power since long time.

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