Solar Power of the Future

Easy-to-understand Resources Provide Information on Sustainable Energy for Our Future Many scientists believe that the fossil fuels that make us comfortable also make us sick. This important new series helps kids understand what can be done to create healthy, sustainable energy for the future. Each of the eight titles explains a different type of energy, how it works, and how government and industry are developing new methods to use it so that it is affordable and clean. For readers of these fascinating, easy-to-understand books, turning on the TV or booting up the computer will never be quite the same. Have you noticed panels on the roofs of some buildings that look like windows? These are solar energy collectors. Environmentalists believe that we must learn to use solar energy and other renewables to meet our future needs for heat and electricity. This book highlights the way in which people in science, industry, and government are experimenting with ways to use solar energy more efficiently.

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