Chemistry Professor Hemamala Karunadasa discusses her research group’s work with hybrid perovskite solar-cell absorbers. Karunadasa’s presentation was hosted by the 2014 Global Climate and…

One Response to 2014 GCEP Technical Talks: Renewables | Hydrid Perovskite Solar-Cell Absorbers

  • rRobert Smith says:

    This is the problem with tech. by the time you put up a windmill (3 blade)
    someone comes along with a 40% efficient eggbeater windmill and makes you
    look like a fool. This goes for solar and nuclear also, by the time you
    build generator one, gen 2 and 3 make you look like a fool. (can we use
    something else BESIDES LEAD? (at time 11:46)) graph at time 25:19


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