Cracked or Sharp Solar Cell repair! Strengthen your solar cells DIY I bought some cheap solar cells on ebay that were 5×6 and will not do that again! If you …
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This is for This explains the defective cells and the broken cells in transit. In total, I sent back 570 cells and 230 feet of tabbing wire….
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16 Responses to Cracked or Sharp Solar Cell repair! Strengthen your solar cells DIY

  • mixcatcom says:

    @eredy Im sure they will work but sharp and chipped are a pain.. Thats why
    I needed to come up with a solution. But that sounds like a great deal. All
    the best, -Pete

  • mixcatcom says:

    @Prancinglion1 Thanks for the tip; I moved on to the flexable ones as they
    are much easier to work with and have a 20 year life span. Have a great
    weekend, -Pete

  • Rodriguez Jessie M says:

    Here is the link Energy savin methods: ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  • spikey911usa says:

    I have read many times that using a coating such as this will either cause
    corrosion or will actually cause the cell to crack in the heat of the day
    because of expansion… Can you tell me how your cell has held up outdoors.

  • eredy mreredy says:

    i saw where you can used chipped solar cells on there they had them for 40
    for 25 bucks .how good do you think they would work?

  • mixcatcom says:

    @Mineretta2012 Thanks for the kind words, yes sir lots more beer reviews
    coming.. one at a time ;o)~ The saucer you refer to is a parabolic shape
    that really is powerful if you have good reflectiveness to it over 80% I
    wouldnt use them with the solar cells as it heats them up to much were they
    will breakdown fast. a flat mirror to reflect some of the light would be
    better if your in an area were you dont get enough sun light. All the best,

  • Prancinglion1 says:

    Pete, as always an excellent and helpful video. Can I suggest you cover the
    solder points with elmers glue before painting? Let it dry, paint, then
    scrape B4 soldering. Might take a little time but should ensure a clean

  • dimaggio david says:

    Solutions EAWC Technologies was created to respond to the growing need in
    drinking water and proposes a water purification solution utilizing solar,
    photovoltaic energy and, when applicable, a mini-windmill or an alternate
    source of renewable energy. From the sea, lake, river or stagnant, water is
    passed through several stages of purification and treatment until it is
    rendered drinkable as per World Health Organization standards.

  • mixcatcom says:

    @nukemm33 Thanks for the ideas I will check it out. All the best my friend,

  • rabwaite says:

    i notice you had what appeared to be tempered glass, on the side,i’m
    finding it difficult to acquire, are you ok on giving the place where you
    got it.

  • Donna B says:

    @mixcatcom Oh thanks for the advise and I am a Miss.

  • AlberoDeiFichiSecchi says:

    Which manufacturer? and which one if any provided suiteble cells?

  • NLOLIN4Solar says:

    3.6 amp cells only put out 3.6 if you are under intense light, put them
    cells that put out 1.5 amps under a 500 watt work light the amps shoot up,
    but very rarely have I seen a cell that says 3.6 amps actually put out 3.6
    amps, but the dead cells well that just sucks, Try MLsolar on ebay or
    eco_iq on ebay for whole cells I have had no problem

  • stcloudd says:

    your shading about half the cell from sunlight with your hand, its not
    going to put out over 3 amps unless the cell is in direct sunlight and the
    entire cell is exposed to light, the cell you were showing in your first
    test looks like a good cell if it was exposed to full sunlight

  • Camron Locke says:

    Cell must be in direct sunlight, not covered by half your hand.

  • dersolardude says:

    @AlberoDeiFichiSecchi solar-deals . com Half of my cells were defective. So
    that meant I had to wait 30 days for another batch. That batch also had a
    30% fail rate. Went to the BBB and they did nothing so I went to my credit
    card company and they refunded me the difference. I just kept and used the
    ones from solar-deals. Funny how you stumbled here. This video was really
    meant for them to see their defective cells. Never again. I can’t even post
    a review on their site.


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