You don’t need a DIY solar panel system kit to go 100% solar power. After two years of work today I threw the switch and went 100% off grid with solar power….
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22 Responses to DIY Solar Panel System: I’ve Gone 100% Solar Power

  • gconol says:

    Funny how you said your Charge controller is protected from EMP, but your
    appliances and electronic toys aren’t. If those things blow up from the
    EMP, then what’s the point ??

  • Joseph Adam says:

    Why not use it all the time man? Save yourself some money. Make sure your
    not depleting the batteries too much. On average on use 30% of what the
    batteries hold.

  • Glenn Hough says:

    DIY been looking for this..

  • LDS Nurse says:

    Just wanted to say how much I love your channel. Awesome videos.

  • wb6iaq1 says:

    Keep in mind if you use a 120 volt DC battery bank you will have 80%

    You will need a 120 volt DC to AC inverter. 10 X 12 volt batteries could
    run your house for days

  • Robert Martin says:

    do you still get federal tax credits?

  • Choice NC says:

    If there is an EMP or Solar Flare.. we are all dead. Every Nuclear Power
    Plant in the country will go critical and meltdown. We will all bathe in
    the warmth that is Radiation until our teeth and hair fall out. But on the
    bright side, you will have light in your home in the final days. :-)

  • RustyBlade2000 says:

    Doomsday preppers – this generations crazy people. What a a huge waste of
    money! Sad and funny at the same time.

  • Alister Cook says:

    Commercial Solar Panels are Expensive.
    If you want to power your house cheaply
    Simply Go to *Google* and *Search* for:
    *Top DIY Solar Panels Research By John Sommer*
    Choose the first result.
    It has the plans and explanation there.

  • mark smith says:

    lies this guy has no idea
    4 panels max 150 watts at 12 volts =600 watts
    240 volts the power you are trying to reach divided by 12 the volts you
    are converting from = 20 if you want to go to 110 volts that would be
    600 watts divided by 20 = 30 watts and in 110 volts that would be 60 watts
    well done you can light a bulb yes one bulb his battery may last some time
    but it would take week to recharge them 1000 amp battery would take 20
    hours to charge on this system
    o and the emp if he hard all his controllers in a lead box and his
    inverters they would be ok american talk it propper 

  • Jorge Corrochano says:
  • River A says:

    DIY generally means you built the solar pannels yourself not “picked them
    up at cosco”

  • brosrcool says:

    Ive read that an E M P will fry solar panels. I dont know if thats true or
    not and Im not saying it is. Im just saying that is what Ive read.

  • Susan Rogers says:

    Nice setup, to use at your descretion. Too many people want to tell other’s
    what is best for them. Keep up the good work and videos!

  • TalksWithDirt says:

    Oh and BTW do you know what a EMP would do to those solar panels? Look at
    all that area. What do you think will happen to the silicon junctions when
    they’re slammed with a E field 1000 V/m? Think of it, a 1960’s radion gets
    fried when the energy gathered by a crappy pull antenna. That’s a 1960’s
    friggin radion made with the rock of Gebralter for transistors. Think of
    those solar panels gathering up all that energy and dumping it into your
    2000’s era delicate ultra small electronics. You ralize you’ll have to know
    when the EMP is going to happen so you can take your system apart it put it
    into your faraday cage. Zeesh. Hey, do you want to buy my anti HARP
    clothing line?

  • woosa42 says:

    ???????? we are only using this for off grid days? that would be running
    full time at my place…lol

  • David Ritko says:

    I would have mounted it on a patio (reinforced of course) and elevate it
    for more sun in the morning and evening. Does your utility provider allow
    you to feed the grid and sell power back?

  • Ryan Romero says:

    I want to note : my goal with solar : To go off grid NOW with these items :
    To keep Food Cold / Keep Lights on (All DC) / and minor electrical items
    like PC / TVs. I had success with this at a cost of 5000 dollars. 6 panels
    @ 230 watts; Midnite CC ; The Midnite was the answer to make it happen 3/4
    of the house with mppt and getting enough amperage 1160 total in my bank. I
    would like to thank LDS and all preppers out there as I watched I think
    every video that exist on solar! To bad no one talks about Rebulk ; Ending
    Amps ; Bulk charge ; Equalize; Temp Compensation …these things you must
    know so your batteries get that 10 year life…without them your like a 3
    year life. Its the hardest thing to find information on anywhere 

  • Solar Brokers Canada says:

    Really nice video..

  • Shakib Hussein says:

    IM so ignorant and overwhelmed. amps, battery types, inverters.. im sure it
    all makes sense i just need a simple, basic video that just break it down.

    I live in africa but use generators. 

  • Ron Gay says:

    Why did you put the solar panels in the shade???

  • ph1sh100 says:

    Why only when the lights go out ?


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