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I’ve had the Blueline Innovation Power Cost Monitor and Wifi Monitor installed for a couple months now. It has made me very aware of my power consumption and…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

22 Responses to Elon Musk – Jet travel, Solar power, SpaceX and the Hyperloop – Full interview 2014

  • GoodGameHunter says:

    Elon’s complete and honest dedication to science and the advance of
    humanity makes me regain my faith in the human race. If you didn’t know
    it’s real, you’d think he’s one made up character from a SCI-FI novel.

  • nimajneb02 says:

    Brilliant anphibian analogy at the end

  • Leo Adams says:

    I worship this super man, iron man!

  • Luka Skrbic says:


  • grkhetan says:

    You should really put the date of the interview as well, to understand the
    context of the interview…

  • Ted Parkman says:

    Tesla is indeed at 600 cars rolling out per week in the United States,
    that’s 100 a day x 5 days plus Saturdays. Go post-gas EV go!! :D

  • Andrew Jamison says:

    +Namka B I agree but sadly genius tends to come with a price and in this
    case his public speaking suffers. He has said he would let someone else do
    the public appearances but he feels that they would not be able to convey
    his views as well as he can.

  • biggben42081 says:

    This man is changing the world, and I love it!!!

  • RichBshine1972 says:

    Nice vid sun-power is great I have the same system different inverter I
    went with a 4.5 kw system it eliminated my electric bill I pay about 11
    dollars a month to be on the grid and have a energy credit of 1100 kw I’m
    looking for something that will show my usage 

  • Wes Z says:
  • Edward Wind says:

    Hello there! Have you tried – Maxim Earth 4 Energy (do a google search)?
    Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got cool
    returns with it.

  • mina lamichhane says:

    hey hey! Have you thought about – Maxim Earth 4 Energy (should be on google
    have a look)? Ive heard some great things about it and my bro got excellent
    returns with it.

  • Elias Arismendez says:

    Haha I know it’s like everything’s melting. I don’t know why but the videos
    I record with my iPhone do that for some reason. U think its the I movie

  • lothre says:

    thought i would add that I have software that shows panel performance in
    real time and all panels are working with pretty similar watts
    individually. they just are not adding up to what i thought they would
    given the total size of our array. This is grid tied with SDG&E with net
    metering, but i monitor my production with the enphase system online as
    well as the enphase on site computer i have which shows production as well.
    everything seems to be working, just having a 1.5kw loss

  • Aelevant says:

    exactly the information i was looking for about the sunpower system cost.

  • Begbucks says:

    I’d tell them to take there SM & shove it, grid & all. Add a few more
    panels if you must & get batteries (you can cheaply even restore sulfated
    Lead Acid obtained from scrap yards & restore using Epsom salt or changing
    the composition altogether such as with aluminum sulphate) but what ever
    you do; dump the Smart Meter. Your health is on the line if you do.

  • Elias Arismendez says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t have an option. If I had opted out PGE would was
    going to charge me an additional $10 bucks a month 🙁 I even researched
    other power suppliers in the area and PGE was my only option:( Initially I
    had a Landis Gyr Focus smart meter which was not compatible with the
    PowerCost Monitor. It was like pulling teeth to get PGE to switch it out
    with a GE i210. Several phone calls and 2 months later I finally got a hold
    of someone who would help me without charging me for it.

  • Zach Norris says:

    wow, you have quite a high electricity usage rate. I assume, btw, that you
    refer to your gross average rate (total kwh used divided by total value of
    your bill; also before your solar). during a 3 month period (2011) in an
    expensive southern california city (santa barbara), I used 3,000 kwh per
    month, with the highest energy consumption devices running during 20-24
    hours of the day. locally, no one ever used air conditioners, so usage was
    low. total bill $~450 (between $430-$450).

  • SunPowerReviewsSunPo says:

    Thanks for the example of how to measure your consumption on electricity.

  • OccamsRzzr says:

    This video makes me fell like I’m on acid.

  • lothre says:

    I live in Southern CA and just had a 7.2kw system installed. 30 panels
    south facing, no shade, each with its own enphase micro inverter. I am
    concerned that after many sunny days the max I have seen produced at peak
    power sun is only 5.7kw. that is a loss of 1.5kw from ths system. should i
    be concerned or is this size of a loss a normal discrepancy? i was hoping
    to get some advice here before i called the installer in case i am being a
    dork and this is normal?

  • Begbucks says:

    Great tech but NEVER GET A SMART METER!


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