Ingmar Bruder, a scientist from BASF, explains the science involved in organic photovoltaics (organic solar cells). These organic solar cells were also used …

One Response to Faces of Chemistry: Organic solar cells (BASF) – Video 1 (11+)

  • norm lor says:

    As I said to another site, until you people start thinking towards the
    future you’re wasting time. When you can produce a cell that is the size of
    a stamp and have enough energy to power portable cd/tape/radio
    blaster..then you’ve accomplished something. Also your dreams of global
    photocelled cars covering this sad planet.. forget it. We’re still in a
    world where more than 1/2 of it runs cars without ANY anti pollution on
    them..and the cost would be so out of the reach of even we who make more
    than $1 a day use your heads


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