STOP! WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST: You may continue only if you feel comfortable with these concepts: donor, acceptor, electron, hole, doping, built-in potential,…

9 Responses to How Solar Panels Work – Convert Sunlight to Electricity in Your Own Backyard | Doc Physics

  • Pasan Pawan says:

    Sir in our textbook it says that photons hit the n-type silicion crystal
    which free electron-hole pairs to the p-type semiconductor… is that

  • Mike Johnson says:

    Cool video. But you called them photocells. Are those the same as
    photoresistors. Do you by any chance have one on actual photocells….the
    ones that cameras use to detect light or with those solar garden lights
    that turn on in response to darkness. 

  • manohar gupta says:

    ppl like you make science awesome 🙂 🙂 nice work…

  • ziad sousa says:

    I really like your videos .. actually i depend on them to understand
    everything in my books they are like the base .. and i’m taking a course
    which talks about density states , probability functions and energy bands
    which i think they are the next level in this playlist can you make a video
    to explain them more please .. thanks for your effort ;)

  • Doc Schuster says:
  • savin lamichhane says:

    u r Good

  • Kirill Kravchuk says:

    Doc, if you had time, could you explain blocking-generator? I think
    it would be interesting for your audience :)

  • craig h says:

    Brilliant, as allways :)

  • Kirill Kravchuk says:

    Awesome! Simple and clear!


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