In this video I talk about sizing your solar power system and in particular taking losses into account. More details and information on my forum here:http://…
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19 Responses to How to Solar Power Your Home / House #3 – How to size your solar power system

  • wb6iaq1 says:

    He is correct about the batteries if you use a low voltage battery system..

    IE: 48 volt or 24 Volt, BAD deal,,, to get 80% or better storage out of
    your batteries you need a 120volt battery system. Also it helps to keep
    your panels cool, splash water on them and you will see the difference.

  • Robert Bee says:

    I’m new at this idea and want to learn more. Thanks and will watch your
    videos to learn. Your easy to listen to.

  • Dave Pye says:

    Hi MJ, I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out previously, but you
    can’t add percentages together to come up with the total power loss. You
    have to consider the power loss over each item. For example, a 40% loss on
    100 units leaves 60 units. A further 25% loss (on 60units) leaves 45 units.
    However, you added the percentages together which would have given the
    result as 65% loss leaving only 35 units. So the overall losses are not
    quite as bad as you calculated. Hope this helps.

  • Martin Lorton says:
  • Alister Cook says:

    Commercial Solar Panels are too Expensive !!
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  • Mario Lyuma says:

    You are explaining very well. I have understood you more than the past

  • Kevin Olesik says:

    I am new to this stuff , and there’s a lot to learn … but this is good

  • Vladimir Svirid says:

    Male ,Ukraine
    look your chanel about 7 month .

  • Eladio Perez says:

    Great explanations. I now have a better idea of solar energy. Thank you!

  • Philip Henry says:

    I wqould like to find your first 2 videos

  • Ion Comendant says:

    Hello MjLorton.
    I am facing a problem. My array size is 29kW and my grid tie size is
    37kW(array size +30%). I cant find a suitable grid tie converter for this
    size and i am wodering can i use multiple grid tie converters attaches to
    the same solar panel system. For example 4 grid tied connectors with a
    rating of 11,500 W tied together.

    Thank you

  • Sang3ETA says:

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  • ayeres James says:

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  • jason hernandez says:

    I dont understand what if i live in South cali and i have a 1000Watt System
    and its around 80F or 100 on a high in the summer what would my loss be if
    they get hit by the sun from Noon – 7 at night please Help Let me know if
    you need more info 

  • constance washington says:

    true sometimes I swear its simple and difficult to explain…true the
    systems will be better when we spend some more time..then the price goes
    up…until the new becomes the old then you can afford it…the batteries
    are problems–true and a few more…thank you for explaining because The
    same thing happens to me…

  • Jon McKee Queen says:

    Discover how to size your solar power system:

  • Terra Engineering says:

    I have really enjoyed this series on Solar Power. You have a GREAT youtube
    channel. Subscribed!

  • Horst Haber says:

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  • Chris Parker says:

    So what output do you get on a dull overcast day mate,Let me answer that
    one from personal experience =10%.
    here in south wales in November 80% of days are dull and overcast


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