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18 Responses to Hypno HermitCraft FTB Monster S3E21: Solar Power !!!

  • hypnotizd says:

    FTB Monster has updated to v1.1.1, but at the time of this recording the
    changelog wasn’t released so we haven’t updated. From what I understand
    our cheaty power will be going away when we DO update, so let’s start
    working on some not-so-cheaty power :-)

  • Clobberstomp says:

    How did you get the recipe for 2 iron ingots to 1? I am trying this but I
    cannot get the right recipe to send them to the chest.

  • Gedeon Hendricksen says:

    For the hv solar you need 8 stacks of solar panels

  • Mineman-Arrow says:

    So one quarry plus mines about. 4 653 056 blocks, k

  • Sl1pg8r - Minecraft, Mods, and MOAR! says:

    Solar power is so cheaty. 

  • Phelan Nyvoll Walker says:


  • TheReduxPL says:

    Is tesseract an infinite energy source?

  • Martin Soendergaard-Jensen says:

    301 views and 500 likes HYPNO HYPNOTIZD YOUTUBE TO GIVE LIKES

  • Aaron Maluff says:

    Under 301 club anyone?

  • Alexander Jacquot says:

    165 views, 165 thumbs up! LOL

  • Nicklas Imanuel Paus Bekkevold says:

    Hey, Hypno! You can use the molecular assembler from thermal expansion to
    craft things that require liquids. You simply pump water, or whatever you
    need into it, and by doing it that way you don’t need to make a ton of

  • Juncti says:

    Those quarry plus’s can wipe out a power network once completed, would it
    be possible to make an off switch using computer craft to detect when it
    completes and turn off the tessaract?

  • hypnotizd says:
  • TheReduxPL says:

    Wow, will these 512 solar panels ever make you run out of energy? o.O

  • Hasoon nine says:

    the numbers are in thousands and he says them in 10 or 13 or 12 why 

  • Danethxx says:

    it may be better to use the solar generators from extra utility. 

  • Victor Rosberg says:

    I think I saw the tin casings already in the MAC, sir Hypno. The tin
    casings for the battery I mean, you probably have 2 patterns for it right
    now 🙂 Just so you know.

  • Chandler Andrews says:

    Ic2 is the buggiest mod ever… It’s an absolute nightmare for server
    owners, I highly doubt it’s applied energistics but rather ic2. Stick with
    the pulverizer! 


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