Perovskite Solar Cells: History, development, materials consideration and potential areas of improvement. For best quality, please view in HD. You can also s…
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Titanium Dioxide Raspberry Solar Cell

Photovoltaic cells, also called solar cells, are devices that create electricity from light. The most common type is made from silicon in a process similar t…
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14 Responses to Perovskite Solar Cells

  • overunitydotcom says:

    Would be great if you could come up with an easy to selfbuild cheap
    solarcell that can be build without expensive equipment. If it only will
    have at least 1 % efficiency that will already propell solar energy to take
    off and please make it open source ! Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

  • iza su says:

    this is very good presentation. However, no audio?

  • Wenchun Feng says:

    Perovskite Solar Cell (Youtube Video)

  • Pierfrancesco Masci says:

    could you tell me how I can connect the DSC in order to have the power to
    charge a cell phone battery?

  • 0Tidus0989 says:

    Is somewhere a paper with more information about this process?

  • gudipati srinivasarao says:

    Please tell me, I have one question
    In step 8, is it TiO2 coated glass or Ordinary glass ?

  • Weng Heng Wong says:

    hi… so what if we use the same technique on a solar panel? will it draw
    more power than a normal solar panel? 

  • dimaggio david says:

    Well done andrew, I’ve been plugging this free energy source for a while
    now, but at last I’ve found someone with a working model 🙂
    ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM I’m looking forward to your progress reports.

  • victornpb says:

    the same technique would work for a bigger cell or it would be more
    efficient on even smaller cells but on a array. I think the efficiency per
    area would be greater on very small cells, even if it collects very little
    amount of electrons, I think the internal resistance will be less than on a
    big coating layer on a bigger cell. But there’s no way to be sure unless

  • dimaggio david says:

    I actually purchased 2 other guides to building solar panels before I
    decided to purchase Earth4Energy Catch the method here.
    ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM make your own solar panel which can be done under

  • saddam mulla says:

    thank you for giving great knowledge sir… sir i need your help to build
    step step guide to making own solar cell … just tell me the material
    ,chemicals,hardware tools that you have used in that …! once again
    thanking you.

  • Wisconsin Mrsec says:

    That is a drop of triiodide solution being added to the edges of the plate.
    Capillary action will cause the KI3 solution to travel between the two
    plates. The KI3 electrolyte solution consists of 0.5 M KI and 0.05 M I2 in
    anhydrous ethylene glycol.

  • Hogiartha Sutiono says:

    Hi Mrsec leg.. Could you describe the step 5 of your video? Thank you 🙂

  • Gareth Cook says:

    Energy crisis? What energy crisis? If, in the quest for clean, renewable
    energy, it’s simply this easy to make dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical
    cells (PECs) which can then be used to produce hydrogen cheaply then what’s
    the problem? It’s like the proposal to use Carbon Dioxide to make Carbon
    Nitride or using the microbe Pyrococcus furiosus to make fuel or
    3-hydroxypropionic acid with Carbon Dioxide. Have we not heard it all this
    before and won’t Big Oil just close down anything that works?


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