A review, test and teardown / look inside of the ELBRO AC Solar Power Case Discussion and pictures here: http://mjlorton.com/forum/index.php?topic=217.0 ——————— Click “Show more”…
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17 Responses to Review: ELBRO AC Portable Multipurpose Waterproof Solar Power Case

  • Jozef Kriek says:

    Definition of a review.

  • aurum2112 says:

    Bravo! Now that is how to do a review. I was reluctant to buy this because
    the manufacturers video stated the warranty would be void if you removed
    the top. There was enough empty space in it to tripple the battery capacity
    and too many bells and whistles for what I need. Gave me some ideas for how
    to build my own.

  • andrew semple says:

    Hey you seem pretty prof, I’m in the market for a solar extremely portable
    generator to light up my camp and to charge my laptop what product you can
    refer to me which is at a really great price.

  • hitechguy18 says:

    That a good thing that you help make a change to the manufacture / assembly
    process and lead to a reversion & an improved design Both in and out

  • electrodacus says:

    Good review not a great product. It is probably a 3 cell Li-polymer battery
    that will work from 4.2V x 3 = 12.6V down to probably around 3V/cell not
    lower for those batteries. I will call that a 12Ah battery based on your
    tests. The inverter part looked quite bad an unsafe.

  • TheMoneypresident says:

    Where was the gold Frank coins and knife hidden? Will it protect me if
    attacked by a hit man named Jaws?

  • Senapspiser says:

    The panel/lid on the case is an enginering failure. It should have a much
    thicker edge, or a lip extending over the side walls, because plastic tends
    to warp (it also stretches or crimps, depending on the mechanical forces)
    over time. I’ll guess a neoprene gasket will perform better also. Larger
    screws wouldn’t hurt either. 500 dollars is too much for this, but if they
    fix the flaws, the price could possibly be justified.

  • Primal Edge says:

    great video Martin, very informative. I had high hopes for this product.
    for it’s size, I’d have expected better performance – faster charging to be
    specific. Hope all is well with you!

  • MrVinamp says:

    Yeah, walking in the bush!

  • hitechguy18 says:

    Like to point out this is only one unit not a batch of 1000 units You may
    of gotten a single bad assembled unit (they do slip throw time to time) if
    only you had a 2nd unit to compare with and final build quality is all down
    to the assembly technicians Also Like to point out that the flap may of
    kept water out but due water got trapped above the gasket it may of been
    water in the gap around the door and just splash down when you opened it.
    No Biggy a tissue later and safe to use

  • Michael Gray says:

    Hey Martin, As you say it looked pretty good at the start of the review! To
    me, the potential was there for a great solid case that could be used in
    any condition or for even emergency situations. If only the assembly has
    been to a higher standard! All it needs is – a well fitting O ring, cables
    cut to length, cable ties to keep things neat, screws tightened to correct
    torque, and maybe some drop and water tests for reliability! Love your
    work, Michael, Sydney, Australia

  • Dan Frederiksen says:

    Looking at the specsheet, there is no specification of max power out of the
    230V. That’s not a good sign.

  • randacnam7321 says:

    The upside down Australian receptacle icon on the inside of the cover flap
    for the connections suggests Chinese manufacture, as the standard Chinese
    mains receptacle is the Australian AS 3112 receptacle mounted upside down.
    The receptacle on the box is a multi standard one that works with almost
    every mains plug on earth.

  • Dan Frederiksen says:

    And 3x lithium ion is a tad low to call 12V (nominal voltage around 10.9V).
    4x lifepo is very close to a 12V lead profile, crossing below 12.0V just
    prior to empty.

  • jix177 says:

    Good review, well done. Certainly shows the value of doing a teardown.
    Having established the lowest recommended voltage for the battery, are you
    going to try discharging it down to that level? Or do you know what happens
    if you do – i.e. does it give some, or shutdown to prevent harm? The led
    lamp is a rubbish implementation, shows a complete disregard for weight in
    something which is supposed to be portable!

  • mjlorton says:

    You make a valid point. However, in this case the company went back to the
    manufacturer and had them change the manufacture / assembly process as
    there were issues.

  • mjlorton says:

    Already out of my hands so can’t test the lower battery level….


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