In this video I’m showing you how I built some solar panels from start to finish I tried to make it as detailed as possible. These panels cost me very little…

18 Responses to Solar Cell Manufacturing

  • Raga Vendran says:

    any one tel me how much cost for make a soar cell manufacturing unit

  • MelancholyApples says:


  • Frissen alistar says:

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    good product here.Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  • vivek srini says:

    can i know some website regarding this

  • hevan james says:

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  • joshstube says:

    @ 2:20 “Glass is a ‘heat sync’ ”
    You should probably just stick with the fact that glass is flat.
    Glass is one of the BEST insulators around. (non-conductive)

  • Malik Berry says:

    that a fuckin big ass capacitor I never seen one that big.DO NOT SAY THATS

  • Robbie Lawson says:

    Watched for about 3 mins until the sodder pronunciation got on my tits. The
    word is SOLD ER. He did say flux however and given his annunciation he
    should have said fux.

  • Justmyside says:

    U should add in a blocking diode between panel & battery & a blocking diode
    in between each panel to prevent leakage from one panel to next in case one
    is more efficient then another.
    Which there will be, especially if one panel is partially shaded in your
    This eliminates any possibility of back flow of current by only allowing
    current to flow one way >> to your battery bank

  • Interesting Ted says:

    Cool stuff man, great tutorial!

  • George R.R Martin HAT says:

    where did he get those small cells from?

  • John D says:

    Very nice, subbed ;-)

  • Nasser AL-Otaibi says:

    good job… thanks a lot… I’ll be looking forward to your new videos.

  • Chowdy Chopz says:

    Thanks !!!!!

  • TheOregonOutlaw says:

    Improvements or changes you might want to try:

    1) Use the 3M double sided tape called “VHB Tape” (very high bond). Once
    applied, it will last regardless of vibration or temperature. Thickness
    and size of rolls varies – shop carefully.
    2) Using a “Silver Solder” will reduce the long term chance of failure due
    to corrosion. It’s only marginally more expensive then typical rosin core,
    and melt point is only slightly higher.
    3) It’s been suggested to use Polycarbonate for the shield – I agree with
    using it for the top layer as it’s more durable, however I feel your choice
    of using glass as a rigid frame is superior. Regardless of what is used –
    keeping it CLEAN will be a long term issue people need to keep up with.
    BTW your video is great! Nice Job!!!

  • Lindsay Fog says:

    why the fuck do you americans say sodder when everyone else in the whole
    world pronounces it the way it is spelt {the correct way }? I feel like I
    need to bang my head against the wall every time someone says sarder,with
    my sardering iron and my sardering pliers, and so on and on ,you sound like
    a retard. no offense but.

  • 574fedsup says:

    Hey I noticed that you only have 12 cells and that configuration is
    Not good for charging 12v batteries you will only be producing around 6v
    and you need at least 18v so you should have cut them to 2in that way you
    can fit 36 cells and only then you can get around 18v, if you noticed every
    solar panel made professionally are made no less then 36 cells unless you
    are more worried about the amperage and not the voltage!

  • rose rubio says:

    ok, next you need the frames, install it and an inverter to generate
    electricity to a battery, right? 


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