This video shows a way to convert a normal cell phone to a solar cell…
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14 Responses to Solar CellPhone Charger – Homemade

  • zimzaru radov says:

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  • DEVRAN DOGAN says:

    A blocking diod is need. Plus you can connect the wires straight to the
    mother board. So by flipping the phone you will get it to charge

  • Untouchable771 says:

    A good start but no diode will make those cells like a giant resistor in
    the shade like in your pocket. Also this will take mm prob like a day to
    charge that battery from a low state. Also the cells won’t produce enough
    current to supply what the phone is drawing off that battery so it’s lost

  • Muhammad Hasham says:

    I tried making this step by step but my phone isn’t charging
    Can someone help me?

  • Phạm Thế Nghiệp says:

    your phone is samsung s5233w

  • Billy R says:

    you should manufacture a solar recharger case 

  • Shawn Jackson says:

    Maybe a small inverter to charge the batt. in between calls could fix this
    right up. I am not sure but I think it will use more than just the two cell
    can make. should charge pretty good though. For a bear bones design it’s a
    damn fine start. 

  • Nathan Dean says:

    there goes your warranty an any water proofing you had.

  • GoogleSpiritScience says:

    do you perhaps know how can I make my own solar panel?

  • Xylex Rayne says:

    There is no where near enough current to charge a cellphone like this.You’d
    need much larger solar cells.

  • Philippe Levesque says:

    Hi, YTengineer, that is cool what you made but i wonder why this doesnt
    work on my samsung galaxy mini s4, when i plug a led it light ups, but when
    i plug it with my cellphone it does nothing, i wanted to know what can i do
    to make it work, thank you

  • starving nation says:

    will the cell burn out quick i noticed you forgot to add a one way diode

  • Billy R says:

    Cool Thanks

  • Joni Bravo says:

    doesn’t look nice, it’s a bad design!


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