Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

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18 Responses to Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!

  • ROBwithaB says:

    Apparently, a significant proportion of your original government funding
    went into the production of videos designed to separate well-meaning people
    from additional money.

  • Daniel Spielmann says:

    Once you get past the annoying intro and cut out the crap, this is still
    pretty interesting. Heared about this in 2009 – still not seen one of them

  • TmluZXM says:

    It seems to be that there are two people in the debate of Solar Freakin
    Roadways. Those who dislike the idea, who use logic, reason and mathematics
    to explain their side of the argument. And those who like the idea, who use
    their FEEEEELINGS and the fact that it would be SUPER COOL YOU GUUUUUYS to
    explain their feelings and the fact that it would be super cool you guys.

  • madattak says:

    Also, it’s easy to make comments like ‘Well, the Wright Brothers had this
    crazy idea of flight’, but see, the thing is, they actually used sound
    scientific and practical principles in that craft, unlike the many people
    who tried and failed to fly, and often died, running up to that.
    They also kept to one task: Make a simple machine that can achieve powered
    flight. Solar roadways are trying to be everything at once, I’m surprised
    they haven’t claimed that it will contain hangars for little robots that
    get out and clean your car based on what they have said so far.

  • Reddit Gold User says:

    I did some math to calculate how much it would cost to melt the snow in the
    state of New York in 2013 and compared it to the 2013 NY snow removal costs:
    $20,000,000(NY 2013 snow removal cost [NY DOT] Budget was $30M)
    9,656km roadway in NY(NY DOT), or 9,656,000 meters
    4.6m average roadway width in US(closest figure I could get, it should
    reasonably be wider in NY)
    9,656km = 9,656,000m
    9,656,000m * 4.6m = 44,417,600 m^2 of roadway in NY
    $0.208 per kWh electricity in NY(current rate)
    NY received .61m of snow last year(equal to .061m of ice…easier to work
    with ice)
    .061m * 44,417,600m^2 = 2,709,473 m^3 ice
    Ice weighs 919kg per m^3
    2,709,473 m^3 * 919kg = 2,490,005,687 kg
    2,490,005,687kg * 334(kj/kg to melt ice) = 831,661,899,458kj = total
    kilojoules to melt the ice
    831,661,899,458 kj = 231,017,194 kWh
    231,017,194kWh * $0.208 = *$48,051,576 not including labor.*
    In 2013 *We only spent $20M* of the $30M budget. The $48M also assumes that
    100% of the energy will go toward melting the snow, which is
    unrealistically optimistic. You’re looking at a number that could easily
    triple the cost of traditional snow removal.

  • djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

    I doubt the durability, weight, pressure and impact sensitive of this
    thing, this is very high maintenance, and return on investment take
    centuries which few of our own generations will enjoy

  • Leor Flor says:

    Will this work? YES
    Really? YES
    That easily? NO
    There is a lot of work on its way for this to become viable and profitable
    for anyone but the truth is that this work

    Don’t let yourself be scammed for youtube comments telling how impossible
    this is, there is a lot of engineering that most of them don’t really

  • Joshua Kiley says:

    Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways!:

  • Morgan Quell says:

    If the Big 6 oil companies invested in building solar roadways instead of
    destroying middle eastern land, we’d be generating enough power for our
    country, creating jobs, helping our ecosystem and helping our planet. This
    is the future sitting in our palms. Even if this plan is unsuccessful, the
    least we could do is make solar railways. At least. We need to be open
    minded to this technology because this is the kind of thing that will
    sustain or future as a species.

  • Theo van der Meulen says:

    Solar Freakin’ Roadways… what is it?!

  • vibhu bhardwaj says:

    this will find weird but once maybe a year ago or two me with dad was
    travelling in car,no one was on road it was just us ,sunny hot day it was,
    then i asked him about why not we change there roads to solar roads?to
    fetch enery for us? but he said we cant do it as
    1. it wont be able to take on heavy vehicles
    2 it will lead to low grip between roads and cars leading to slippings
    3 no economically viable as solarpanel costts too much
    i listened him,and now other ppl got it right and thats good……….

  • Theo D says:
  • Prologue Ascending says:

    It seems that none of the negative people here have a clue how much
    existing roadways coat. It costs millions for a mile of new road. When you
    factor that in this isn’t such a bad idea, invest for the future. Change
    the powerlines and Internet lines and add power to the grid and it won’t be
    such a bad investment. 

  • Joachim Von Grimorium says:

    lizards use the sun to heat up themselves
    plants use the sun to generate energy and food
    and humans try to hide from the sun with dense, catastrophic and toxic
    clouds made out of exhaustion fumes… something is not right here. we
    should use the energy that is given to us to not destroy the planet. we
    need a place to live, we don’t fill our houses with garbage, right? why
    won’t we just use solar energy?

    trivia: in spain you can’t install solar panels for private usage. it’s
    illegal. public places that can use solar panels can’t store the excess
    energy or give it to the electrical company. it’s illegal. where are we
    going? this is madness…

  • X.WellGames™ says:

    There made of glass? This is stupid, glass will wear down over time (quite
    quickly) with all the grit and dirt being rubbed against it by cars. When
    they get dirty they will produce over 50 percent LESS of power. glass is
    very slippy when it’s wet, it will be worse when worn down. And cost????
    it’s going to cost billions to cover most of the roads.

  • Conservatives Are Destroying Our Future says:

    Should we as a nation invest in this technology?

    Learn more about Solar Roadways:

  • Maelle Moreau says:

    Love! Love ! Love this amazing idea! SOLAR ROADWAYS!! . What do you think?

  • David Ricketts says:

    +coberself here is the post I mentioned.
    The idea is sound, though I don’t fancy riding my bike on it.


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