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Solar Panels – Netzero Solar Home Hi Everybody, MrEnergyCzar here. This video is about my solar array. Facebook: http://www.facebook….

6 Responses to Solar Panels – Netzero Solar Home

  • dahur says:

    My 3.6KW system supplies all my electricity plus a surplus, (5 years).
    However I live in sunny southern New Mexico, and we’re rated at 6.2 sun
    hours per day here. When I get an EV, I’ll have to expand my system, or
    start paying.

  • richard frascone says:

    Where in Connecticut are you? And did you participate in a Solarize
    program? I’m a solar ambassador for solarize Brookfield. Got any

  • Chris Hellstern says:

    Great video. Would like to see more like this or more in-depth look. 

  • Richard Forester says:

    Very impressive! That solar array is absolutely huge! Of course, I bet
    all these toys cost way more than I would be able to plunk down. :)

  • belews says:

    kWh is measurement of energy, kW is unit if power. 

  • usksonic says:

    Do you have any type of energy storage devices in that system?


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