Solar Power 2nd Edition (Upgrades and Battery Bank Wiring)

Upgrades to our solar system and how to wire a 24 Volt battery bank.
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  • Al Ruark says:

    Hello Andrew, where can I fing the small gray dc breaker that you used in
    the first videos that connects to the charge controller, I see you moved it
    Thanks Al

  • acklan3 says:

    Do you have lighting arrestors in your system?

  • ADP s.a says:

    Great stuffs

  • mipetateagusto says:

    Hay mr drew, I have an off grid kit with 8 six volt batteries , but I have
    them connected as 4 – 12 , do u think it’s a good idea to connect the
    batteries as a 2/ 24 volt batterys. Fyi I have a 24 volt inverter and
    midnite solar just like yours.

  • Al Ruark says:

    Thanks Andrew, I forgot to mention in my post how much I enjoy your videos
    and thanks for all the inormation, I just finished building a solar shed 10
    X 12 which will house my generator and all the solar panels and inside
    panel for the charge controller & ect, thanks for the information on the

  • icurnet says:

    Nice update!

  • Garfield Oliver says:
  • Edwin H says:

    thanks for sharing .

  • Al Maaloof says:

    nice video , If anyone else is learn the best hints for solar power try
    Banfan Genie Solar Power (I think its on
    Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my co-worker got excellent
    results with it – saved a lot of cash

  • John Doe says:

    Drew, Thank you so much for your wonderful videos!

    I have two questions if you have the time…

    I am trying to put together a solar system for an off-grid RV, and I’m
    wondering if…

    1.) Should I go with a 12v system because of the fact that many of the
    appliances will likely be able to operate on 12v DC natively (which would
    of course be more efficient by bypassing the 5-20% conversion loss of
    running off 120v AC) ?


    2.) How many 6v 225AH golf cart batteries should I get to match the
    following solar panel array? (Given the 50% drain rule for preserving
    battery life…)


    (4) – 145w 12V panels (poly-crystalline, Vmp: 18.7V, Voc: 22.3V, Imp:
    7.75A, Isc: 8.37A)

    (4) – 158w 12V panels (mono-crystalline, Vmp: 18.9V, Voc: 22.7V, Imp:
    8.47A, Isc: 8.76A)

    There are 8 panels altogether with 1222w total – (4*145w + 4*158w = 1222w),
    and the region the RV is in gets 5 peak solar hours per day.

    Basically, I need a battery bank that will match that array – given the 50%
    drain rule.

    The Charge Controller I have is:

    Xantrex XWMPPT60-150 (60 Amp 12-60 Volt MPPT)

    Which should allow me to do two 48v strings (2 x (4*12v)) in series at
    somewhere around 16/17 combined amps (well within the charge controller’s
    capabilities) and then charge a battery bank setup that’s anywhere from 12v
    up to 60v because it’s a 12-60 Volt MPPT type.

    Thanks, and I hope you can answer those two questions.


  • Jeff Demos says:

    Envious of your set up. Has all the appearance of a pro. A model to follow.


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