Two universities in Washington, D.C., plan to soon start buying half of their electricity from solar-power farms 400 kilometers away. The schools expect the project will save millions of dollars…

Learn how to build the SOLN1 unit yourself using off the shelf components. This video will guide you through the complete build process. LaserSaber online store at:…
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13 Responses to Solar Power Makes Gains in US

  • jacqueline goudelock says:

    I need to buy one asap pleezz call me or gmail me at joecool91477
    as soon as u can I was going to be harbor freight and tools solar cat have
    no but need a battery 12valt battery died I have a small one thats 12 bolt
    not very big little bit bigger game well to be honest with you at it came
    out of a motorcycle said not very big I need to get one and I can I like to
    speak to some one that no some stuff call me or text 410/369/8536 if u get

  • James Hinkle says:

    you know you ge more powerr of whitelight, than heat has anyone made a
    white light panel

  • weaselmeat69 says:

    What battery is that ? Where do they sell them?

  • shadows0ul3 says:

    I built a Soln1 but it discharges voltage way too fast, like 1v per 15
    seconds. But only when the inverter is attached and increasingly when I
    plug things into the inverter. Got any ideas how I could fix this voltage

  • Thay Chhum says:

    how mush it cost to build that portable solar power ?
    I want to buy one if it is available

  • christine none of your concern says:

    Where do you purchase the inverter and batteries and other stuff ?

  • dale myers says:

    i have questions. could i build a full bank of larger soln1’s? each self
    contained as designed, but each panel wired in parallel to each other to
    boost the amperage. making it where the leads going indoors to the
    electrical panel wouldn’t need to be so large. a 10 or 8 gage wires would
    work perfect. or would the inverters output sine wave possibly counsel each
    other out? or would they sync up and work together like a tru line tie

    i’ve thought about an inverter that produced a partial “round about 90%
    sine wave” and a corresponding main breaker. the main breaker would sense
    for a complete sine wave. if it detected only a 90% sine wave. it would
    break from the mains. once the breaker had opened from the mains, it would
    signal the inverter “via a signaling wire” to go full sine wave. saving
    electronic devices from the pulse of an incomplete wave form. also when
    breaking from the service lines. it would save line-men’s lives from a
    system feeding the down lines or troubled service. once the line service
    was restored, the main breaker could then be reset. sense it would detect a
    full sine wave. it would keep breaking till service was restored, because
    the main breaker would check for a full wave form, also the signaling wire
    would also reset the the inverter back to making the 90% sine wave form. i
    think this would innovate the solar energy industry “battery storage and
    line tie systems as one”. you could have your cake and eat it too.

    yes the pannles would need to be over-sized for to inverter and it’s
    battery storage. this way you can charge the storage batteries and sell to
    the grid at the same time. also it would be fully automatic. you could work
    solely off the panels during the day. during a shtf instance. at the same
    time, have charged the built in batteries for night. it would take a
    tracking system to make it work to it’s top performance.

  • Brainsmachine1 says:

    does the solar cell have enough current to fully charge that type of

  • gconol says:

    I loved the idea of this, but I’m concerned about the heat generated by the
    solar panels that it would effect the life of the battery or the
    performance of the inverter.

  • brad starkey says:

    This is great cant wait to try it can you hook up these panels together to
    run a air conditioner for a motor home?

  • Mike Guilmot says:

    I’ve seen a few of your videos, and your quality of work really stands out,
    compared to certain others on youtube. Great work, and very clear

  • deliquenme says:

    Where is the charge controller? Those look like LiPO packs, if someone
    forgets the panel in the sun they will explode…

  • Sandro Balceta says:

    How many panels should I get to power an AC?


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