half off-the-grid, i go through everything and give an approximate calculation on all my different electronic devices and measure how much power consumption …
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EU are afraid of competition, and are trying to stop cheaper solar panels coming into the EU from China, so only more expensive European made panels to be so…
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32 Responses to Van’s solar panels and power usage-MichiganVanDweller

  • Ressurrectio says:

    or you could get mono or amorphous panels for better power capture in low
    light & less than optimal angles.

  • Tiny Living says:

    I am so glad to see all your annotations. I’ve always been frustrated with
    solar system videos because of so much terminology: amps/voltage/watts/AH
    etc. It was refreshing that at the very beginning of the vid you showed
    the basic equations that relate amps/volts/watts. I know the information
    now that I’ve been studying solar for a few months, but how helpful this
    would have been to me back then! Thanks – for all those other viewers who
    may still be learning. I am sure they appreciate it too.

  • equallywrong says:

    wow, how are able to spend time in the van with the EM Field in there? i
    definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep in there.

  • PeaceOnEarth302 says:

    FYI, Lipo4 batteries are coming down in price a lot and are far lighter
    and charge much faster. I have a 36 volt electric scooter and changed from
    Lead acid deep cycle to Lip04 and instead of 6 hours to charge they charge
    in less than an hour. Also they have about 2000 charge cyle life compared
    to 500 for lead acid deep cyle. LiPo4 and all llithium batteries can be
    used for deep cycle or starting., no difference. Yes they cost more but
    are more than half the weight and charge faste

  • Mike Smith says:

    INSPIRING in a kind of nerdy and scary way- but YOU get the JOB done:)

  • micjakes1 says:

    thanks dan, you probably prevented a van fire!!!!

  • You Adventure says:

    Did you hire 17 crackheads to do this job?! Kidding. Well-done, sir!

  • micjakes1 says:

    hey dan, for the load output, can you treat that just like the solar panel
    output to the battery? in other words, can you have the load output to
    another battery and THEN the inverter? can i treat the load output just
    like another set of solar panels? thanks again dan. 

  • Van Asher says:


  • You Adventure says:

    Wow, you have so much electronics in that bad boy! Jealous. My vanagon
    wouldn’t fit all that goodness :P

  • ssj4goko4 says:

    you should get a 30 amp mppt that will give you 30-50% increase in the
    solar charging.

  • micjakes1 says:

    is a pure wave or modified wave inverter required for your microwave, t.v.,
    and laptop? will a modified work for ALL appliances? the pure ones are very

  • John Smith says:

    A constructive sugestion: Get rid of the Inverter ..it’s a waste of energy
    … use DC-DC converters 95%+ efficiency for the TV and Laptop …
    The inverter … top 70% efficiency PLus the AC-DC power adapter of the
    laptop/TV/whatever tops 80% … meaning almost a 50% !!! Energy loss on
    convertions alone …
    Cheap (25$ tops) DC-DC converter gets the job done with 95% efficiency …
    small, inexpensive, efficient … low temp, durable … realiable …
    Excellent Exit signal …

  • micjakes1 says:

    would you ever consider just running the battery bank off the alternator
    and no solar panels? would that be possible? sorry bout all the questions
    but you are one of the very few people on the planet who knows about this

  • micjakes1 says:

    thanks dan, so there will be no harm to the alternator if i have 6 or tons
    of batteries? 

  • bob fulltin says:

    how to make a solar cooker How to Make a Solar Cooker

  • Van Man says:

    neat set up

  • micjakes1 says:

    will do

  • dan the van man says:
  • Pu La says:

    This is silly America created solar panels over 50 years ago, And instead
    of using them to free us, they let them sit unused for 50 years, now
    because our lawmakers sold their souls to oil businesses, they want to ban
    any other type of energy so they can stay in office. No one wants to use
    Nuclear, or oil and natural gas anymore, we are sick of the blackmail to
    our country that comes from it we are sick of the resource wars!

  • Pu La says:

    wow America showing us how free trade works

  • Lei Wang says:

    Have you guys ever ask why chinese panels are so cheap?

  • john dunwiddie says:

    all the German energy firms must be pissing in their pants over the cheap
    panels as they will make less profit ,but what about the environment if
    more solar is used the environment wont be as polluted. das is good yah ,
    but Germany say no well fuck you Germany

  • laurejon says:

    The idea of the Carbon Taxes we all pay was to reduce the price of green
    energy. China is selling cheap solar power panels, so that’s a positive and
    will save us fortunes. Or is it the case that the EU and the carbon tax is
    not about green energy, but money money money.

  • Durendal33 says:

    USA before 1776 raw material exporter importer of British manufactured
    goods after 1776 boycott of British manufactured goods and USA
    industrialises.What the British make we can make.Protectionism works.

  • TEkYKgEY says:

    Yes to free economics! But in equal respect for workers, salary, etc. Or do
    you want to descend to Chinese level of salary? It is we or they.

  • Siegetower says:

    Complaining about ‘Dumping’ is a prelude to protectionism.

  • Durendal33 says:

    protectionism is the basis of industrialisation , free trade is for the
    weak.To keep the underdeveloped countries underdeveloped.

  • Warring God says:

    oh my goodness.

  • creamycurdy says:

    central banks and government killed it.

  • kcirdrab says:

    Economically illiterate text LP

  • laurejon says:

    Something else occurred to me. Its fine to offshore millions of IT jobs to
    India and China that offer tax free status to the corporates, but its not
    OK to bring in cheap solar panels!!!!!! Lets get out of the EU and make our
    own trade agreements as the EU is clearly batting for someone else other
    than the electorate.


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