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6 Responses to What Is The Difference Between The 3 Major Solar Panel Technologies?

  • vasanth prabu Elumalai says:

    straight shooooooooooooter love it

  • Derek Staats says:

    Great information, much appreciated.

  • John Power says:

    mumbling turns me off. cant hear ya wont waste time. sorry.

  • Carlos C says:

    Hmmm my UniSolar flexible panel is bigger than my other same wattage panels
    but I get better performance out of it…… Works better in
    shade….clouds create shadesssss :-). While is cloudy or rainy, the
    Unisolar flexible panel produces power while the others dont. 

  • Peter Anderson says:

    wow been wanting to buy solar but never thought about this… good thing I
    watch your video, I have now a clear choice to what should I buy..

  • goiban sebastyan says:

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