Why aren't we only using solar power? - Alexandros George Charalambides

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17 Responses to Why aren’t we only using solar power? – Alexandros George Charalambides

  • Anthony VP says:

    The big problem is that coal is cheaper than solar, by far. The other issue
    is even with projected energy needs we still have enough coal in the ground
    and in reserves to last the world another 500 years. Life on Earth will end
    from pollution before we run out of coal.

  • (Present Day) Professor Xavier says:

    Solution : Put solar panels in orbit rather than on earth.

  • TED-Ed says:

    Solar power is cheaper and more sustainable than our current coal-fueled
    power plants, so why haven’t we made the switch? Alexandros George
    Charalambides explains how solar towers and panels create electricity and
    how scientists are trying to create a system that can function even under
    cloud cover. 

  • WhoooLovesOrangeSoda says:

    Japan wants to put a solar panel ring around the moon, on its surface.

    I assume the energy would be sent via radio waves or by lasers to a point
    on a mountain above the clouds. 

  • Mike Xie says:

    Solar roads are stuipid.

  • Ike Evans says:

    Go green. Go nuclear.

    Under new technological innovation, the amount of nuclear waste a person
    will generate over the course of their entire lifetime would take up barely
    more space than a sugar cube.

    No other technology, not even wind and solar, can come close to competing
    with that.

  • David Remus says:

    you forgot to mention that the oil companies are holding it back

  • Project0061 says:

    What about the energy to waste ratio from spent panels and energy cells?
    Plus the energy required to produce them ship them and install them etc? It
    seems like a lot of meterial for very little energy output. Could you make
    a more comprehensive study please?

  • Nathan Thrasher says:

    Usually when need electricity, the sun isn’t around (night time). No way to
    store all the energy. The solar energy idea is broken. Nuclear systems are
    the real answer. Way more energy and predictable. No one considers the
    pollution and resources needed to manufacture the solar panels, anyways.
    They need a lot of plastic and rare metals to make little, inconsistent
    amount of electricity. 

  • jeanious2009 says:

    What about the birds? Giant solar panels create heat rays and if birds
    happen to be flying over them they fry. Imagine the heat we are
    creating….can’t be good.

  • chris chung says:

    Is it possible to get electrons from the ionosphere without offending oil

  • 1965ace says:

    The big thing missing here is magnitude. My sports car produces the same
    amount of peak power that 37,000 ft^2 of solar panels could produce at the
    equator at noon on a cloudless day. That would be about 3/4 of a football
    field of solar panels. At $100 per ft ^2 it would cost 3.7 million dollars
    for a system that only lasts 17 years if they avoid hail. But it gets
    better, the farther you are from the equator the less energy is available
    and they produce no energy at night. The only viable replacement for fossil
    fuel is magnitudes higher energy on the Weak Nuclear Force level. I would
    suggest Thorium in the LFTR configuration. Remember coal , oil and natural
    gas is stored solar energy. 

  • frosted1030 says:

    This doesn’t address the *toxic* process of producing photovoltaic cells.
    Someone needs to address this.

  • Rachel Dressler says:

    Let’s Put Some of these Together!

  • Alyssa C says:

    So we need better batteries???

  • stephenvaldes says:

    why don’t we have windmills all along the coastline? there is a constant
    wind on the beach for at least 22 hours a day, regardless of other weather
    conditions or cloud cover. pair that up with solar panels and there you
    go. you can also put turbines in every major river. the mississippi is
    2300 miles long. thats a lot of turbines. they cant get consistent power
    from those 3 sources?
    this arguement is bullshit anyway. i know at least 2 dozen people who have
    been completely off the energy grid for at least a decade just from using
    solar panels on their own property.

  • Rickybites says:

    what if we put solar panels in space?


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